Greek Holiday 2018: Robola wine festival (part 2)

Greek Holiday 2018: Robola wine festival

Sunday: It was supposed to be chilled

This was my last day on the island. I wanted to take it really easy because I had to wake up the next morning at 6 am, disassemble my tent, pack and get onto the bus at 7:20 am to leave for Athens. I had the last day to work on my tan; to get that golden brown look. So after tanning for a while I walked back up to the campsite and noticed these two girls walking in my direction. I started talking with them as they were on there way out heading to the beach. We talked for a good ten minutes or so, but I wanted to end it because I wanted to get back and get changed. Daniel rides in on us standing on his pedals and rings his bell… “Howzit ladies!” he says. He started asking where they have gone out to, how’s their stay going, etc. He get’s to the point where he mentions that him and I are going to a wine festival tonight and asks the ladies out. I glared at him. “Yeah, we’re going to a wine festival tonight! You guys wanna come?” he says with confidence! I continue to glare at him but he doesn’t notice. I’m running the night through my head: forecast into the future… and then I look up at Dan trying to convey what I’m telling you through facial expressions: “Why are you doing this to me! I know how this is going to play out tonight if we go and I’m going to be dead tomorrow!”

The taxi is supposed to arrive at the campsite at 8 pm. I’m nervously sitting in the restaurant trying to chat up both of these girls while I wait for Dan because he’s “fetching something”. He later joins in at the table and figuratively sweeps the girls off there feet with his amazing conversation skills and I just sit there like the third girl nodding my head listening to Dan.

The taxi arrives at ten past eight. We all get in. I’m at the back with the other two and Dan is in the front and the conversation is rolling. I don’t remember much from that start of that evening, but Dan was talking a lot more than I did, obviously. We finally arrived at the festival entrance, out we get and it looks and feels so much better than the previous night. Dan and I are both striking with confidence! Dam! I gave the cashier a fist bump as we walked in! No, I didn’t, I’m joking! So we get our food order sorted out and I try to find a place to sit. Dan and his date (she was eager to go with him) went to go collect the food and wine while I stayed at the table with the other one. I’m trying to chat up this girl, and it’s actually going really well. Fiftheen minutes later… Wine arrives! And food… The glorious Dan has returned.

The wine went down really quickly. We went dancing for a little while; I don’t know how they all kept up but I was dying inside. I looked at Dan, I think he was dying too. The girls were fine! There were a set of different dances as the music changed tempo so did the dance itself. First, it was a kind-of hold the person next to you in a circle style. That was really fun but you just die from moving so much. The tempo of the music changed from a fast pasted rhythm to a slower one. It was couple dancing. I just remember spinning this girl around on the floor a few times and she spun me around a few times. It wasn’t awkward at all unlike my Matric dance, it was actually really chilled. Knees weak, palms sweaty.

Afterward we retreated back to the table to rest for a little while. The conversation is going well again. I felt really tired at this point and I passed out. On a date. Nice Adrian. I think an hour later I woke up and no one was sitting on at the table. I think they went back to dancing, but when I woke I felt like crap! I went back to sleep again, hoping the rest would cure me. At some point, something was shaking me. Shortly after I come to and noticed Dan leaning over the table with his arm retracting from me. He just woke me up. I slowly turned my head upwards to the left and saw the two girls just looking at me very disappointed, shaking their heads. “Adrian we need to go, the taxi is here.” said Dan. Getting into the taxi was shit. I just sat there in the front thinking about my sleeping back, my tent and the act of sleeping. Gosh, I needed it. The taxi arrived at 3:30 am at the campsite. Dan walked the girls to their tents and I just focused on one thing and one thing only: Getting to the tent. That was hard! As an athlete I thought crossfit was hard, it’s just a bunch of men and women lifting weights and doing cardio and screaming. It’s primarily me who does the screaming. But getting to this tent was the hardest thing in my life. I just kept telling myself, one foot forward and the other one follows. Simple right? No sir! My brain thought it was simple, but my body didn’t think so. I stepped one foot forward and the other goes back. Did I forget to mention there is an open restaurant right in front where the taxi dropped us off? I threw up right there. Ew! I looked to my right and saw every person looking at me. “Howzit guys…” whispering.

That night I think I got about two hours sleep. I woke up at 6 am feeling really hungover. I still had to disassemble my tent, pack up my luggage and wake up my uncle Peter all in half an hour. He drove me to the bus stop and I got onto the bus. The bus ride was terrible. I threw up on there too. I felt completely awful.

I arrived in at Athens airport six hours later. Feeling a whole lot better, I treated myself to a coffee and just chilled for the next 5 hours before my flight departed. It was finally over I’m heading home! Soon I’ll get to see my dogs again, my parents, sister and then the gym!

Two days later I entered Cape Town! Finally, I was home at last.

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