Greek Holiday 2018: Robola wine festival (part 1)

Greek Holiday 2018: Robola wine festival

Saturday: Robola wine festival

The weekend had finally arrived! Not that we were waiting for it to happen like you normally do when you’re working. Every day is pretty much the weekend when you’re on holiday. During breakfast, Pablo, mentioned to cousin Amy about a wine festival called Robola wine festival that was happening in a little town not too far away. He mentioned that this was the biggest festival that happened only once a year. There was free wine, dancing and food, and all this other great stuff. We all fell in love with the idea. Music festival!? I mean Greek wine festival! Hell yeah! It started at 8 o’clock in the evening; for some miraculous decision, we decided to take the 13:30 bus to the little town in the middle of nowhere.

So the bus finally arrives in this town. I have no clue what it was called but let’s just call it nowhere-village (super original) but just a smaller and kind of nothing going on there except a festival, little-town. There is really nothing going on, really! I know this because we walked around this town for six hours doing nothing. We sat in a little park for about an hour and then walked for about half an hour to this little wine farmhouse and bought some olives to take home. I got some nice photos though.

I am pretty chuffed with this one! It reminds me of a scene from Toy Story 3 where Andy drives away leaving his childhood toys behind with their new owner. For me, it leaves a deep nostalgia of when I was just a kid being that age where things were so, simple. Photos like this one really captures and continues to recapture that same memory I have from Toy Story, when Andy is driving away and leaving some big part of him behind.

If you don’t remember the scene I’m talking about, here is a snippet I found on YouTube. Please excuse the bad quality.

We were walking back from the wine house where we bought the olives from and noticed the smallest church in existence. Yes, this is a frikken church. I think ten people can probably fit in here. Imagine the services that must go on during these summers, haha!

Oh yes, this one is really cool. In person, it looks like a photo from a MacBook wallpaper collection. Just look at those colours and the contrast been the sky and mountain. Really nice one as well 🙂

On our way back we found a nice little home restaurant that we could sit down. It was only just after six o’clock so we had about two hours to kill. We got some good food but had nothing to entertain ourselves with. Cousin Sav mistakenly took the playing cards with her when she left. So Amy devised a brilliant plan to create our own playing cards. Yes, we stooped to that level! Haha! She bought three little A6 size notepads and three pens. It only took us twenty minutes to create the new cards, but afterward, we had something to work with. The only problem was that the magnificent stick artwork Amy drew could be seen through the cards. We all pretended and guessed jokingly, as it was the next player’s turn to pick up, “ha… What could that card be?”

A few drinks and those cards made the time fly by! It was now time to head for the festival…

Starting the festival!!!

Let’s just start out this story with this photo:

Cousin Dan is smiling but slightly confused as about what’s going on. Don’t look at me! I have an awful creepy grin on my face and Amy is the only one who is just happy to be there.

The festival was actually really fun! In the first part of the night, there was just a live band on stage playing while people had some time to eat and drink their wine. The food was alright, I mean it wasn’t the best. Amy and I had a salad (crappy vegetarian lifestyle) and cousin Dan dug into the lamb thingy that he ordered. We also ordered deep fried chips, which was alright.

I hope Amy doesn’t mind me sharing some of her photos, but here is what the wine jug looks like. Completely free and if you don’t drink that often, this will destroy you as it did to me (more on this later, in part two).

Here is a nice video Amy put together of some of the highlights from the evening of the performance. This does not include any drunkenness.

Let’s just say the night went well at first. We ate alright food, had a bit of wine and went dancing. We all had a really good time, I did especially! Afterward, we walked out to get into our taxi and as we hit the street and shame, Amy stepped off the pavement a bit wobbly and I heard a pop. Ouch! The next morning we took her to the hospital to get X-rays and it turns out she fractured a bone in her foot. That was kind of the end of her traveling for the holiday. So sad…

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