Greece Holiday 2018: The first weekend

Greek holiday 2018: The first weekend

It took me a while to settle into the holiday mode. I was determined to wake up every morning at 8 am and go for a swim in the sea (which was only 100m away from my tent) and for breakfast, I would start fresh with my modest oats and a handful of nuts and raisins. That determination didn’t last too long as we found ourselves waking up at around 10 am and then having breakfast at the campsite restaurant.

Here are some photos I took from the restaurant that first morning after my cousins arrived:

Saturday: Drapano Bridge

On Saturday we rented some bikes and decided to explore the area for a bit. The first actual touristy place we checked out was Drapano Bridge, which is a connecting bridge between two sides on the lagoon in town. It’s quite long to cycle, heaven forbid people actually walk across. When we got to the other side there wasn’t really anything else to do. A few super-scenic Instagram worthy shots later we road back to town, got some noodles and went back to camp.

Oh, check out those awesome Instagram shots I took!

Sunday: Xi Beach!

We all agreed somehow that we should go to this really lovely beach, really really far away (over an 8-kilometer cycle to be kind of exact). The cycle was almost always uphill. Now I am a relatively fit guy right, I mean I do lifesaving seasonally, go to the gym four to five times a week and played soccer against my colleges, but this cycle was hell! What really kept us going was Dan’s comment about a scene from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt where an extremely racist ex-KKK cult leader was teaching a spinning class and yelling “FEEL THE BURN”; from there on out we randomly yelled “FEEL THE BURN” when ascending up steep slopes just to push us through the pain.

We finally arrived at Xi Beach and the cycle there was so worth it. This beach is nothing like you have seen before in South Africa! It’s massive and there were a lot of people but never really crowded, so you still had your own space. Greeks are really big into water activities, with Jetskies, rowboats and the works available for hire at a hefty price.

We found a nice little spot to lay down our towels and then headed straight into the water! I swam a few meters out, stood up and slipped over. I felt the ground and slippery and slimy! I went underwater to feel what it was and pulled up a massive piece of rock… It was clay! The whole beach was made from clay and begins with the cliff that connected it to the mainland. I looked around a bit and saw quite a lot of people rubbing clay on their skin. That’s kind of weird until we did it just a few minutes later.

the clay team. 🗿

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After we rinsed off our skin felt amazing. Silky smooth and soft to the touch! After splashing around a bit longer we all decided we need to work on our tans.

After a long hard day at the beach (3 hours), we wanted to start heading back. It was around 6:30, but the sun was still way up in the sky! We trekked back up to our bikes that were very securely locked with lots of twisted and fancy knots of our bike lock.

The cycle back wasn’t all too bad. It was a lot cooler now than when we cycled to the beach, and because we came uphill almost all of the way, that meant we had a lot of downhill! I, of course, enjoyed every moment of peddling as fast as I could racing down (almost getting hit by a car).

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