Greece Holiday 2018: Missing our cruise

Greek Holiday 2018: Missing the cruise

Thursday: Missing the cruise

The next morning I was woken by my tent shaking and thunder roaring! I opened the zip door of my tent and woosh! Rain is coming in and the wind is howling; I quickly closed the zip and laid back again on my sleeping bag. I didn’t have a ground sheet and I was just thinking if lightning struck the ground I am done for. About five minutes later I opened up the zip door again and I noticed Cousin Sav running around outside trying to get all here washing off the washing line. I just watched her try to get everything off (without here noticing me), and then slowly bundle it into a big ball and then throw it into her little tent. She literally had a tent that looked like it was from the Crazy Store. Everything of hers was wet! I sat there for a good while watching the rain and only moments later did I realize that I should probably get my stuff off the washing line too. I put on my flip-flops and instantly there was a thing layer of mud between my feet, toes and the rubber of the flip-flops. I ran around trying to get my washing off the line! I only realized that my clothes were already soaked about halfway through and there is no point in saving anything because it would need to dry again. So I walked back in shame and put all the wet clothes back on the line again. Now I was wet! I retreated back into my tent and waited for the storm to pass.

When it did pass it was about 9 o’clock. We had to be at the boat where we booked our cruise at 10 am sharp. So obviously I thought I had time to shower and eat my oats before we left. After my shower, I walked back to our camping lot and noticed nobody was there. I didn’t see the other cousins. I asked my uncle, Peter, where they had gone. “Oh they have left already,” he said. I asked, “What’s the time?”. Peter said, “Oh it’s nine fifty-five”… I jumped on the bike! I don’t think I have ever ridden a bicycle that fast in my life before. On the main road cycling at 21x speed and ringing my bell at the runners coming my way. Ling Ling Ling! “Sorry move out the way please!” Ling ling ling! I arrived at the dock too late, the boat wasn’t there. I looked around in disbelief. “Damn it can’t be!”. I phoned my cousin Sav: “Hi Sav. Where are you?” and she replied, “We’re waiting for you at the boat! Where are you?”, “Er-oh I’m coming,” I said. Just 20 meters or so away was the gang standing. “Sorry guys, haha”. I said awkwardly. “Yeah, they canceled. The captain said it would be to rough out at sea and the water would not be clear” said Sav. What a shame!

Thursday: Fiskardo

The same day, we all wondered what we would do given that our cruise expedition had been canceled. So we all decided to head onto the next bus to Fiskardo. I had no idea what we were going to do when we got there. I remember just sitting on the bus looking out the window and enjoying an incredible view of this side of the island. It really looked amazing, check out these photos:

After an hour-long bus ride, we had arrived. Once we arrived at Fiskardo we took a stroll through the town’s waterfront. There are a lot of beautiful little shops selling nice things but very focused on the tourists. I forgot to mention to you that Kefalonia’s market is only seasonal. During the summer (June through August) it’s very popular to go to Kefalonia because there is a lot going on, such as popular beaches, restaurants and so on. That’s also primarily why the prices of things are quite expensive, especially if you come from South Africa.

We stopped at a restaurant in the waterfront with a really lovely view. I tried this innocent looking fruit juice that tasted really amazing. Now don’t let me get your hopes up, when I say “innocent” I don’t mean it had alcohol mixed with it but rather a shocking price tag of 6 euros! Ahh, that’s like R90 for an orange juice!

I feel so stupid for not taking any photos of the food, but here are some photos of the view we had from the restaurant:

After drinking my fruit juice and the other cousins finishing whatever they had we all decided to walk around for a bit. Our first stop was at an old Roman cemetery that I think dated back around 2000 years ago. Here’s a photo of someone’s grave:

Oh and also this view of the entrance of the waterfront is really amazing too. You can see the boats entering the waterfront, some are parked right in front of the houses here and the houses also look great too. Could you imagine living in one of these houses and then taking the boat out for the day?

So after the cemetery, we walked up the main road that follows the coastline of the town. It was quite a far walk but we did get to see some amazing little bay areas where to water is absolutely blue and the houses there look so good!

We walked a bit further and found the Old Cat-lady’s house. I think there must have been ten veteran cats there, all messed up from the war or something. Even the baby kittens were going through their training. There is this pirate cat, who’s left eye is lodged into his head. He looks like he has had some really serious cat fights with other cats from across the street. I think he is the leader cat and runs the whole show. He ran straight toward us and jumped onto the wall dividing the road from the house; just to give us all a stare for a moment signaling: ‘I’m going to f*** you guys up!’ and continued to walk back to the tree to sharpen his nails. I think he was preparing for another fight. Just look at this guy, he’s so scary!

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