Greece Holiday 2018: Discovering beaches

Greek holiday 2018: Discovering Beaches

Monday: another beach

It was the day for another beach and this one was even bigger. We hoped to get some momentum going of visiting commercial beaches more often but this, unfortunately, was the last big beach we went too.

This beach was even bigger and badder than Clay beach! This isn’t any five times the length of Clifton beach, no-no, you can think of Camps Bay beach but ten times as big! I mean look how long this beach goes on for!

I think this beach was a lot better than Clay Beach, we swam a lot more and did a bit of snorkeling too. I saw some really cool stripped fishes and surprisingly got to spot a little baby sting ray all alone by himself! He wasn’t even black and white but see-through, but I did see him. A lot more swimming and tanning occurred on this beach and it was very relaxing too. When we got fed up from laying around for so long and being lazy we decided to hit the beach bar. There were actually three of them! One smaller one that had more of a restaurant kind of vibe, but the one we went to was kind of like a little Foodlovers in a way. Cousin Sav and I sat down and started to get a card game rolling while Dan went to go get beers. I think we played Shithead once again. Even the people on the right of us were playing Salute too, I guess card playing in Greece is quite popular.

Tuesday: The beach-bar beach

Tuesday was the next mission to a closer beach, only 3 kilometers away from camp and we were there. The bike ride was also really amazing, cycling through the county road just enjoying birds chirping and insects doing… well whatever sound insects make, there are a lot of them. Actually, the only insects that we noticed were Cicadas. These creepy weird looking bugs with a little beatbox inside of them to make a loud obnoxious cricketing sound 24/7. They were especially annoying before going to sleep.

The bike rides were very peaceful and especially long rides to where ever we were heading. If we wanted to get somewhere we would cycle there. You never really get the same experience riding in a car or on a motorbike appose to riding on a bicycle. There is to much noise and rush to get somewhere; whereas a bike you can take it a lot easier, enjoy the scenery around you and allow yourself to take it all in, the sounds, the sight, and emotion of just riding. Ling-ling, I would ring my bike’s bell trying to make a melody like Smoke on Water: Ling-ling ling, ling ling.. ling-ling… “ahhh (fades out)” Ling ling ling, ling… lah-ling-hingggg. Cousin Sav would get so pissed off with me because I didn’t realize ringing the bikes bell was actually like hooting at someone. Oh… well, there went my bell ringing joys for the holiday.

Anyways, we arrived at this new beach which had a cute little beach bar on it. It was quiet and peaceful because hardly anyone went to this beach. Of course, we did some more swimming and just drank beers, which tasted awfully good! Oh, I forgot to mention to you. In Greece, well Kefalonia as far as I know, they cannot play the originals of pop songs or any song for that matter, only covers! We had been listening to The Cranberries – Linger which I just loved! This cover was spot on!. Let’s see, a bit of Blink-182 and a few others that I cannot remember, but they were all really good!

We stayed until stayed at the beach until sunset and just talked about the future, where we all wanted to go and what we were hoping to do in the next few years with our lives; you know… cousin talk.

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