About Scholar Coder

Hi, I’m Adrian van den Houten, and I’m the lead writer and founder of ScholarCoder.

The purpose of this blog

My current mission is to build an audience of students like myself and help them take their first few steps out of the high school classroom, to develop the software development skills they need to find their first job as a software developer. I did this all in 9 months and landed a sweet gig as a Java Developer for a major contact center software solution company, Zailab based in Cape Town.

The scope of software development is quite large and it’s not just programming languages, tools, and frameworks! There is much to learn on the way, such as how to develop communication and soft skills, how to teach yourself how to learn and market yourself as a software developer.

I’ll be talking about and writing about these skills here on Scholar Coder. I do plan to create online courses and YouTube videos in the future, but instead, for now, I’ll maximize my efforts to make the best of my blog first.

Photo of Adrian van den Houten
Photo of Adrian van den Houten

About Adrian

I started writing computer code at age 14. YouTube recommended a tutorial playlist on Batch file programming, which got me hooked.

I first started writing little programs that asked you your name, age, and favorite color. I figured out how to write a Batch file that could write to the Windows Host file to redirect websites to localhost effectively blocking them; I actually only used it on my sister’s laptop.

Drop me an email adrian@scholarcoder.com for any enquiries.